Friday, 9 November 2012

High Five for Friday!

If you don't like cats or horses, this one's probably not for you.
I will judge you, though.

1. There are many plus sides to moving back south and one of the best of these is spending more time with my godson. 
We have a weekly date and he comes to ride 'little' Polly, which makes my heart melt. 
(Actually, the running I have to do so that he can trot makes my heart explode... all in the wrong way. Must work on aerobic fitness).
It's a handy plus-side that G brings along his mum - one of my closest friends - on our dates 
(being 3 he finds it difficult to travel alone, you know, driving and all that) 
and we get to make up for hardly seeing each other for the last 10 years.
G sometimes calls me Auntie Leg (that's not a misspelling) 
but most of the time he just calls me 'that big girl'. 
Nothing quite like kids to put you in your place.
G, his mum and little Polly.
He now owns a pair of jodphurs and teeny, tiny boots so that he's a proper rider.
The cat's a Giants fan.
My brother & sister-in-law are very impressed.

F&P have settled in beautifully at their new home.
Big sigh of relief.

Scoop is obsessed with sinks and water.
Great for cute photo opportunities, not so great for hygiene.

Drumroll please...
This is the FIFTH weekend in a row that I will spend with DPB.
And we still have stuff to talk about.
That'll be us this time next year at yet another wedding.
Except it's a wedding in California (hurrah!), which you can't really complain about, can you?
Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend, too!


anna lizbeth said...

love one and three.. so jealous!! xo annalizbeth

Anonymous said...

1. AHH! mini pony!! love!
2. Ellie loves going into the shower (when there is no water). I always find her in there smelling things.
3. Oh CA. You will have fun. If you are going to SF, BRING A JACKET. No matter what month it is. LAYERS.

Gesci said...

1. Completely adorable. The short-legs-on-short-legs is just so, so cute!
3. So they got into the same place?? Excellent!
4. Yep. He's a cat! We have a running water fountain, but between houses when we didn't Mia wouldn't leave sinks/showers alone. She still likes to scour off the shower floor when the human is done... weirdo!
5. YAY!! How wonderful! Also, I feel like there's a nice halfway stop on the way to California... somewhere on the East Coast perhaps... hmmm...

Have a great weekend!! Oh, and I'll email- I've made a passable dent in the boxes, so I'm coming up for air now and then.

Rebecca said...

That photo of your godson on Polly, is just too cute!
Shadow likes sinks too, he can quite often be found just sat in the bathroom sink. I hope you've had a good weekend.