Monday, 13 August 2012

All things Downton

One of the consolations for the end of summer (I know, I'm being a little premature here) is the slow stream of teasers and adverts for TV's autumn schedule. 
The most exciting of these? 
Downton Abbey, Series 3.
Be still, my beating heart.
Source and review of Series 3, Episode 1.
I am excited. 
Actually, excitement doesn't even begin to cover it. 
I don't feel I'm being too personal when I tell you that my palms start to sweat and my heart beats faster simply from hearing the theme-tune. 
It's what's known as an addiction and a distinct and desperate need to get a life.

Forgive me for saying, but I was a tiny bit disappointed by Series 2 - Matthew can't walk, Matthew can walk, 'what shall we do about Lavinia', etc. - but it still had its magical moments:
Exhibit A: The Christmas Special.

I would be lying if I said I didn't just re-watch that trailer a couple of times for 'research' purposes.

So, Series 3 should prove to be an exciting romp through the Roaring Twenties and let's hope that marriage, babies, and the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith and her new sparring partner, Shirley MacLaine, feature prominently. 

What better way to spend a Sunday evening, curled up on the sofa?

My interest in the programme has been been given a slightly different slant by a recent email from a friend who said (and I quote): 
'just watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey and Mary TOTALLY reminds me of you!!!'
Erm, hello? MARY? The emotionally distant, uptight, slightly cruel one? 
Surely not? 
Perhaps the comparison was based purely on superficial points: my accent (the no longer my friend is from the U.S.), or the fact that Lady Mary likes horses, or that her love interest is a lawyer, like DPB? 
Sadly not. 
It turns out that when I shared this snippet with others of my nearest and dearest, they agreed there was something about Mary's character that was similar to mine.
Way to get some awesome feedback on your personality.
Thanks guys.


the Frugal Ecologist said...

Ha, well at least she didn't say Edith!

I love Downton, but we won't get season 3 inthe US next year :(

Gesci said...

I was gonna comment "at least it wasn't Edith" and then I saw the above! Poor Edith; everyone hates her!