Friday, 3 August 2012

High Five for Friday!

I haven't done High Five for Friday for a couple of weeks, so here it goes:

1/ Driving back to England through the hills around Moffat

Loch Skeen

2/  Discovering a new bookshop near DPB's flat

3/ My cat sent me a text message...
Hmm, I guess I am now officially the weird cat lady.
It's quite strange how I'm ok with that...
4/ My big brother is in town and I got to spend the afternoon with him. 
He is possibly one of the coolest people I know.
He once stuck chewing gum in my hair and I had to have it cut out, thus leaving me with the worst hairdo ever.
I still love him, though.

5/ It's DPB's birthday this weekend. This means he's nearly as old as me.
DPB in his preferred pose.
Don't be fooled by the air of relaxation - he's ready to spring into action at any moment

1 comment:

Gesci said...

I love that Scoop is texting you about the horses. And- "had her legs done" just sounds so very spa-treatment. We've eaten lunch in Moffat, and driven through a few times. It really is a lovely area!!