Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Prints please

While I'd love to say that I can exist happily without things it is perfectly obvious that this is not the truth. 
Who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy?
With a non-existent budget for anything, though, the wonderful Pinterest has given me a way to feel like I'm buying things without spending anything at all. 

Genius AND surprisingly satisfying.

I've mentioned my love of prints before, but a recent flurry in the re-pinning of some of my favourites made me think I'd share them with you here:

Fifi du Vie

Not a print, but I sort of wish it was.
Felt & Wire

The Owlphabet.
A flow-chart for typefaces.
Scribble on Everything
Flourish Cafe
Three-Sixty Press
Series of 3 prints.
I can't actually remember where I found these, but I unearthed the 'London' print in TK Maxx, Dundee, of all the weird and wonderful places!
Thursday Press
The Wandering Reader
Anne Wanda Tessier

I'm going to need a big house...

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Gesci said...

The London/Paris/New York ones were all on Dalani not too long ago. Do you know Dalani? It's one of those flash-sale online shops. They have some good stuff. I really like the book one.