Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Well, what a wonderful few days. 
It's going to take a while to upload my 18,876 photos that I took over the weekend, so in the meantime I thought we could discuss this:
Penhaligon's Juniper Sling. 
Why, you may ask? 
Because I think it was actually created for me. They just forgot to let me know.
During a romantic stroll through Edinburgh at the weekend (one of many... [sigh]), DPB and I happened to visit Penhaligon's I go very upmarket when I'm in a city and I happened to be drawn to the display that featured a martini glass. 
I could not possibly fathom why that might be. Ahem.
As the shop attendant was otherwise occupied, I decided to douse myself liberally with Juniper Sling, and, after the initial sneezing fit (why did I inhale and spray at the same time? Idiot), I came to the conclusion that it smells like heaven and a bit like a G & T. No bad thing.
DPB thought it was really cool and very romantic that I kept shoving my wrist under his nose and imploring him to 'have a sniff'. Hmm.
What did it smell like? Think fresh and zingy, which mellows to something more akin to an old leather armchair in a gentleman's club. What do you mean that doesn't sound appealing? 
Perhaps I should let Penhaligon's explain it:

Introducing Juniper Sling, an intoxicating new fragrance inspired by the most iconic and atmospheric of spirits: London Dry Gin. Created for Penhaligon’s by Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp, Juniper Sling is a playful, chilled and mysterious homage to the Bright Young Things of London’s roaring twenties.

A scent that is inspired by London Dry Gin. I told you it was made for me.

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Gesci said...

I love that you describe it as "an old leather armchair in a gentleman's club!" Hahahaha! Of course, I once inhaled deeply as we walked though a field, and when Paul asked what I was doing, I said "I just love the smell of horse sweat and manure." Do they bottle that?