Thursday, 14 June 2012

Holding a torch...

A slight misnomer, because I didn't get to hold the Olympic torch but the Little Lobster stood next to the torchbearer, so that pretty much counts.

Yesterday at crack of dawn we headed into town to witness what I can only assume will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience (in my own country): witnessing the Olympic torch parade.
It was pretty exciting, even if it did mean leaving the house at 6.20am. Gah.

All quiet on the Western Front
(east, actually, but let's not spoil things).
The start of the excitement...
It's lucky I'm tall...
Cue the Chariots of Fire music
(although, on second thoughts, that would have been far more appropriate when they had the torch on the beach...)
The handover.
Please note the enthusiastic flag (streamer?) waving by the smaller members of our party (the blurry purple and blue bit at the bottom of the photo).
And she's off (almost).
We did.
Only 43 days to go!


Gesci said...

It's down here on Tuesday. We're debating going out for it; apparently a neighboring city (little one) has some festivities going on for it. I think the lady there might be the one in the picture in today's Yorkshire Post- she was posed on a bridge. Are you going to any of the games? I like the flag/streamer waving- I might have to rig something up for that, too!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

How exciting! One of the few reasons to get out of bed early in my opinion. Can't wait until I get to go to the games in less than 2 months!