Friday, 6 July 2012

High Five for Friday

1/ A billion years after everyone else, slowly but surely my mother is learning how to text (although I got a bit freaked out when she put a winking face - ;-) - in one of her texts... that's just not right, somehow):
2/ Birthday cakes and treats (otherwise known as consuming 20 times the government's recommended weekly calorie intake):
Don't judge me...
Hmm, I'm not the size of a house yet...

3/ Listening to a pipe band:
4/ B's film premiere (sort of... along with several others'):
More people did turn up, I promise.
We just got there super early because we were super excited.
5/ Rediscovering some of my favourite things when packing up our flat (sniff, sniff, there goes the Edinburgh crash pad... for now. Boo, hiss):

Yes, I have a thing for Agatha Christie novels...
Ok, I know I've stretched the 5 things a little bit, but - what can I say - I'm a very inclusive person.
Or something like that. Indecisive?

A sneaky number 6:
DPB is coming up this weekend and we're going to PARTY. A bit. And then probably eat a lot. 
And sleep. 
We're very fun people.

Fancy joining in?
Go here.

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Gesci said...

Harrogate is where Agatha Christie hid (at the Old Swan, specifically) when she "disappeared" for a week or so. They play it up, with murder mystery weekends and such. Hmmm... I think you + me + murder mystery = rockin' good time!