Thursday, 12 July 2012

The List

So, you got to read about my birthday wish list.
Hope it was fun for you, because today I'm going to tell you what I actually asked for. 
It's exciting. 

Firstly, I did actually ask for a new wing mirror for my car, for someone to pay for my saddle, and for a new zip for my riding boots. 
Yes, siree, I did. 
But I fear that none of that is going to happen.
Hey, what can you do?

I then asked for:
A print of the shipping forecast regions.
Because who doesn't love the shipping forecast?
And who doesn't love prints?
Some Sufi verse.
I'm afraid you can't click to look inside, but you can on Amazon.
You're welcome.
This beautiful necklace.
All hail mighty Etsy.
This Loren Hope bracelet in turquoise.
My favourite perfume, Stella.
This pretty ring.
 (The request is null and void as I don't know my ring size. Doh.)
Riding socks.
Yes, I asked for socks for my birthday.
Don't look at me like that.
Please note: they are Mark Todd socks.
If I wear MT socks then maybe I will ride like him?
Pigs might fly?
And, of course, these:
These come with a free pair of socks.
Two birthday presents for the price of one.
Er, so there you have it.
My birthday in a nut shell.

p.s. I also asked for:
The 4s,
to upgrade from my much-loved iPhone 3 something-or-other.
oh, and this:
To replace my sad little MacBook.
Because I am incurably greedy. 
And it was only to DPB who knows I'm joking only a little bit. Ahem.
EIGHT days to go. 

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Gesci said...

I love prints. There's a print shop in Inverness, Leakey's, and I'm DYING to go back. And ignore Paul completely when he tells me I shouldn't buy a print of every single castle and abbey and city we've been to. They're antiques... and not that expensive!
I don't know what a shipping forecast is, though. I feel lacking. Also, those socks are cute!
Is that the same wellie company that Kate Middleton wore and all Americans collectively gasped at her "leather-lined wellies"? Are those wellies better than Hunters? I need to knoooooooow! (Really I need new, non-muck covered wellies to move back with me, since trouncing around Americaland in my authentic English countryside-covered Hunters might not be as cool as I'd imagine...)