Tuesday, 24 July 2012

In no particular order.

Well, hello there!
Goodness, what a bad blogmother I have been, leaving this little part of the world wide web lost like nobody's bairn. 
The trouble is, I'm having great difficulty in recalling what has kept me away from my little beloved... so it's lucky I spend half my life taking photos on my iPhone whilst thinking 'ooooh, must blog about that [insert random object here]'... and then I forget about it. 
Hey ho.
So, tomorrow I will get back in the flow with some totally random posts about my completely random life (yes, it is really time that I got a job), but for now I will dump all of my photos on you and you can judge for yourselves how exciting/ totally boring/ whyonearthdoesshethinkwe'dbeinterestedinthiscrap my life has been while I've been absent.
The only things that I can remember doing (in no particular order) are:
a/ getting a year older (not much effort required there)
b/ getting ridiculously spoilt by a certain Mr Awesome DPB
c/ nearly getting a job (but missing out in the final stage. Hmph.)
Actually, I say no particular order, but I had a birthday and got told I hadn't got the job on exactly the same day. So that was, like, super fun
Now for the phone dump.
You've been warned.
I was actually taking a picture of Little L's Playmobile because I thought it was cool.
Then I realised that the sneaky people in front of the pool were getting up to something highly inappropriate.
Get a room, people!
Mr Scoop is getting BIG.
He knows how to press keys on my laptop that make it do things I didn't realise it was capable of.
 This makes me quite proud and also quite bemused at the same time.
Also, he is now insured. Under the 'breed' section of the form it says: 'Scoop is a Black.'
Is it me, or does that just sound plain wrong?
My very small friend Anna K had a birthday and we got her a cool present (even if I do say so myself).
Top of picture: DPB's lunch.
Bottom of picture: My brunch.
It's a miracle I'm not the size of a heffalump.

The drawing room ceiling in our Edinburgh flat.
I love it.

Even East Coast trains are getting all patriotic.

I waved at Gesci as we went through York station...
No, she wasn't actually there, it was, you know, a symbolic gesture.
Part of the blogging sisterhood... (ok, I'll stop now).
National pride at Victoria Station (London).

The flat in Edinburgh is pretty much completely empty, but I was overjoyed to find that someone had forgotten to clear this beer out of the fridge.
Naturally, I had to take a picture of it.
Planning our trip to Paris.
[Squeaking with excitement].
I went to Brighton.
It rained.
Also, I discovered Hipstamatic.
Er, proof that I took a train to Brighton.
Right then...
The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.
They wouldn't let me in because I arrived at 5.03pm and last entry is 5pm.
It's lucky I don't get annoyed easily (er, not much)
A moody, sad photo of a lamppost to suit my sad mood.
Woe is (was) me.
Sign spotted in the Badger Bar, near Rydal, Lake District.
Found on the back of one of my birthday cards.
DPB is the BEST.
Erm, so, I think that's it for today.
It's good to be back.


the Frugal Ecologist said...

Happy belated birthday! Bummer about the job news. Rejections are never fun, but on your birthday? Downright cruel!

I love the wellies. I have some cheap ones from Mexico, I think it's time for an upgrade!

Gesci said...

The Scoop breed comment made both Paul and me laugh out loud!
Before long we'll post each other's faces... but not soon enough!
Love the back of the birthday card- I like little surprises like that!