Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to School.

A slightly misleading title, because Scottish schools go back in August and I haven't been to school since the early years of this millennium, but you get the idea.
The town has filled up with new and returning university students and the shelves of the local Tesco Metro will be permanently empty until May next year.
Summer's over.
In some ways, this is ok - I've spoken before about my love of Downton Abbey, a new series of which starts soon, and I am equally obsessed with re-runs of Agatha Christie classics, any sort of period drama (this one looks intriguing), and the prospect of digging my hot water bottle and cashmere socks out of their temporary summer retirement. 
Good old Brora cashmere.
Actually, despite the balmy(ish) days, it's so cold at night here that the hot water bottle has been back in use for at least a week, but that is totally by the bye...
The official end to the summer here is always signalled by two events:
First: Pony Club Cup Day
Second: Our yard hosts an invitational show for local children 
Cup Day was held yesterday and, unlike most previous years, it was beautifully sunny and didn't rain one drop
Little L and the other girls returned from this year's event with armfuls of cups and rosettes.
Whoever said that taking part is what counts has not met the younger (and, come to think about it, the older) contingent on the yard.
Competitive doesn't even begin to cover it.

For the first time since its inauguration, I won't be at this year's yard show because I'm off to another wedding. 

The weekend also brought us the most delightful house guest and unfortunately I was forced to spend a lot of time in the garden with him yesterday. 
Luckily I had my camera with me:

Love, thy form is an Hungarian Vizsla puppy.

Back to those applications...


Gesci said...

Vizslas are so great! That's the one breed we think Max and Sloan would agree on for a third dog in the family. Not that my sanity could handle another one of them!
I like that you refer to "temporary" summer retirement- so, so true here!
Lastly, I need a pony so I can win my own pony ribbon. Or just so I can have a pony.
OH! When you come visit we should go up to Chincoteague and see the wild ponies! If you've never read the Misty of Chincoteague books, well, then, you were never a horse-crazy little... American... girl :)

Jessica said...

man it had been awhile since i have been too! the puppies are too cute