Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Daily Scoop

I've just returned (somewhat nervously) from dropping young Scoop and his sister, Dusty, off at the vets for their, er, 'procedures'.
Today is the day my cat becomes, hmm, how to put it? A little bit less of a man.
How sad for him. 
Something else I learned today was that there is special food for cats who are neutered.
Every day's a school day. 
I haven't posted any pictures of the kittens recently 
(which leaves me wondering: what do I post about? Oh yes, waterproof trousers. How embarrassing)
so I thought I'd put up a few photos to chart their rise into adulthood.
Fingers crossed, everything will go swimmingly and I can collect the little man this afternoon.
Sniff, sniff.
It is very easy to be brave when you're protected by a glass door. 

Scoop in a hoop.
Couldn't resist.
Pretending to be brave on his first ever excursion outside.

They really like sleeping in baskets.
Preferably baskets of clean, ironed clothes.
Bully for them, bit of a bummer for me.

Getting super-excited about the Olympic Show-Jumping.
(That's my boy...)


I've been travelling a lot recently and I think that Scoop might be trying to tell me something...

Dusty the beautiful.

Just in case you noticed a difference in the picture quality (whatdoyoumean you haven't?), I have miraculously managed to get my computer, my big girl camera and my external hard drive to co-operate simultaneously.
Wonders never cease.


Gesci said...

Yay for technology being cooperative!!
Scoop is completely adorable. So, so much!
I like that Dusty's markings look like she's wearing a necklace!
The picture of Scoop the Lionhearted (outside) is my favorite!

Ruby Girl said...

cute lil kitties!! xoxo linds {{}}

Taylor said...

They are adorable. I love the first picture.