Friday, 14 September 2012

You know you'll never be a style blogger when...

... you get emails about waterproof clothing, find them quite interesting...

... and then write about them.


p.s. I love my waterproof trousers (I have two pairs). 
Just so's you know.
And yes - because I know this is what you're dying to ask - it is hard being this glamorous.

DPB and I are off to a wedding this weekend, this time in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. 
The substantial fascinator will be getting another outing and I have spent the entire day looking for a pair of shoes that: 
a/ I can afford
b/ I can dance in.
It's a suprisingly difficult challenge, because I can pull out some mean dance moves after a white wine spritzer or two.
(Don't worry, despite my love for them, the waterproof trousers will not be featured as part of the wedding get-up). 

Hope you have a good one!


Gesci said...

I'm a little sad I'm just finding out about these waterproof trousers- they could have come in handy over the past three years!
Have a great weekend- and if the dance moves come out, be sure someone is videoing!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

We also had a wedding this weekend, but my fascinator was not considered 'substantial' and I took the minimalist route this go 'round. :) I really like yours! Hope you had a great time!