Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Life's a beach

Yesterday I borrowed Mr C's ex-racehorse (Polly was - surprise, surprise - out of action)
and headed to the beach for a gallop.
It was spectacular. 
Despite the sun and blue skies, it was a chilly, autumnal morning and the beach was almost deserted. 
Perfect for a quick to blast to blow away the cobwebs, then.
Sadly I don't have any pictures or a video of the actual gallop because, well, it's a good idea to keep both hands on the reins when you're going at full speed (a life lesson if ever there was one).
Rest assured, the Chariots of Fire theme tune was running in my head with every single hoofbeat. 
Looking towards the golf course and the preparations for the Dunhill Cup.

Heaven is...

Clever Carly, who gave the 'let's go to the beach' rally cry.

As always when I take a horse to the beach, I come away thinking 'why don't I do this more often?'
It's a very good question.


Gesci said...

Oh, wow. I was jealous when you mentioned this yesterday (was that yesterday?? I have no concept of time right now...) but these pictures make me practically drool with envy.
(In my best Veruca Salt voice) I want a horse! I want a beach! I want to gallop on the beach!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Wow, that looks totally refreshing with the beach & sea air :)

Jessica said...

i am so jealous!!!