Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Champagne Wednesday

Yes, you read that right.
Today (and every Wednesday) is known as 'Champagne Wednesday' in our house. 
After the chores are done, the horses, dogs, chickens, cats, kittens (...) are tucked away, we crack open a bottle of fizz (ok, it's not always champagne - Prosecco or Cava will do).
Source unknown.
We toast the week, and each other, and discuss whatever has happened that day and over the previous week. (And yes, we do drink responsibly. Most of the time).
This evening will be a solemn occasion, as we very sadly lost one of our horses this afternoon.
He was much loved and had a tranquil and happy year. The sun's been shining on him over the last couple of days and his end was as peaceful as possible.


On a lighter note, I was wondering if anyone else reads Darling magazine?
It's a great e-publication that I discovered recently, and you can opt to receive a daily article straight into your inbox.

It's super - you really should sign up. 

Today's article really struck a chord with me and it's called, quite simply, 'Transition'
Here's a snippet of what the article's author, Kelsea Olivia, has to say about transitions:
Transitions are inevitable, whether we welcome them or not. Even if we are fearful of change, there is always beautiful possibility in the wild unknown. Thankfully, music has an amazing way of becoming the soundtrack to whatever may be occurring for us at pivotal points in our lives. This little group of songs is just that for me.

There's a free mini-mix that you can download, which goes with the article.
You can find it here.

Happy Champagne Wednesday, I hope the sun's shining on you.

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Gesci said...

*big hug* It's hard to lose a friend- I hope the champagne helps the happy, laughing stories take over the sadness.