Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On The Weekend

Well really, it's been rather an exciting few days here. 
Firstly (drum rolls please) I GOT TICKETS FOR THE OLYMPICS!!! Hurrah! My mother and I will be off to watch the Finals of the Individual Showjumping competition. VERY excited (whatdoyoumean you don't like showjumping... or that you don't know what it is? Tut.). Anyway, it makes me feel very patriotic (Come On Britain!) and I will probably cry when they give out the medals.
The pony on the right is mine (yes, she's running away from me because she loves me soooo much).
She will not be going to the Olympics any time soon.
Just in case you were wondering.

Secondly, I had a date with Zac Efron, which is why I couldn't post anything yesterday. You know, I was getting ready and stuff.

Clearly I'm joking. 

Ha ha.

What actually happened is that 4 of us went to the cinema (in Dundee, no less - bright lights, big city and all that jazz... ahem). We went to see 'The Lucky One'. Hmm. 
Yup. Pretty intense stuff.
Weeeeeell, not really an Oscar winner - not hugely keen on the (un)sparky dialogue, or the (un)originality of the plot, or the (quite frankly) not that great acting on the part of Mr Efron (sorry, sir, if you're reading this (HA) did I just address Zac Efron as 'sir'??). But, you know, he's got beautiful arms and has lovely eyes, so, quite frankly, there are worse ways to spend an evening and £7.20 (damn not being a student any more)
Oh, and there's a funny Dr Seuss reference. Watch out for it. 

So, that's got the hot gossip out of the way.

The weather was so beautiful at the weekend on Saturday (the weather on Sunday was disgusting and has been scratched from my memory. Almost.) that I dusted off the trusty camera and headed to the beach with my lovely (adopted) Scottish family. They're my family but not-by-blood. It's complicated, so to cut a long story short, about 3 years ago I moved in for one night a week (ha ha) so that I didn't have to commute too often between here and Edinburgh and... well, they're too polite to ask me to move out (and I now live here full-time). I sneakily moved in all my stuff while they weren't looking. 
Doesn't sound odd at all, does it? 
Anyway, they're the best. 

Here we are at Elie, having fun (or, at least, here are lots of pictures of the dogs having fun):

Little Lobster
(It's a shame that it looks like she has a rock growing out of her head. David Bailey, your job is safe for now).

Where'd it go?


While waiting for these photos to upload (the BT man recently told a neighbour that our internet cable here 'is like a piece of soggy string'), it started snowing. 
In May.


Gesci said...

Jealous of your Olympics tickets, wow! Those are hard to come by! Great beach-dog pics! Also- snow?!!?!?! Luckily, we've had about equal gorgeous to crap weather here in Yorkshire lately... although always windy.. always... *sigh* Keep warm?

Life in Transition said...

Yes: snow, hail, rain, wind, SUN, rain, hail... the joys. Glad you liked the pics - can't believe we had that weather for a day, so unfair!