Wednesday, 2 May 2012

On Being Ill

So, I finally went for a run last night. It felt... amazing, actually. Just a couple of miles (oh, the nonchalance!), but it was refreshing and uplifting, and I felt more than a little smug when saying 'oh, no, I won't have a cup of tea, I'm off for a run' (I have never been that person). The only downside was that my iPod cut out after about 3 steps, so my carefully-created playlist was rather null-and-void. Ho hum. 

This morning, however, I awoke at 4.30 with a terrible feeling. I could not swallow. Something had climbed into my throat in the night and dragged its long-nailed fingers down the inside of my throat to the point that I was fairly convinced I would die if I swallowed again. Or something like that. So, I got up, answered some emails (ha! that'll freak out my students! or it'll be the final piece of evidence to prove that their tutor is officially insane) and eventually decided to go and turn the horses out. Sadly, my beloveds (and the other 11 equines I help care for) do not understand 'Idon'twanttogetupIjustfeelsooooooorotten'.

Then I dragged my sorry behind back to bed and slept for an hour or so.
The best thing about working from home (er, being 'self-employed'...ahem), is the ability to work in bed. In between large gulps of lemsip and much sucking of (VILE) throat sweets, I soldiered on through my work.

I know, I'm a hero.

So now, it's late afternoon and, having accomplished a reasonable amount of work, I'm going to watch a DVD before it's time to get the horses in and blah, blah, blah. No rest for the wicked (says the girl who's been in bed for the best part of the day. Hmm).

I will leave you with a picture of my obsession: Sharpies. Yes, I actually went into a shop and took a picture of Sharpies on sale. Right before I emailed it to DPB, saying 'Look!!! They're on sale!!! I can buy them!!!'. He must really love me for not responding 'What? You crazy woman! You're not 10 years old! You do not need more felt-tip pens. You can't even draw and you spend your entire time TYPING... and for someone who teaches people English you use WAAAAY too many exclamation points. ALL the TIME.' But he didn't. (!!!!!) That's true love for you.

(By the way, if you look in the top of the picture there's a packet of '80's Glam Sharpies'. Hello my pretties...)

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