Monday, 7 May 2012

On Weekends

This is not a very good picture, but I wanted evidence that the sun was shining.

This weekend I was left in charge of the farm.

(PARTY!!...? Er, no, not when you have to get up at 6am. Thank you.)

I love being surrounded by people, but I also love time when I can just... be. 

I should say here that I took long, hot baths, indulged in delicious meals, watched films, read books and painted my nails. But I didn't. I was only by myself for a day, after all.

I did a lot of ironing, though. I also walked a lot of dogs... and got tangled up in the leads 101 Dalmations-style (except I didn't get tangled with a long-nosed, handsome-ish composer named Roger - ahem, don't tell me you haven't watched 101 Dalmations?? - I just got tangled with myself). Did I just say that Roger was handsome? Dear goodness, one probably ought to worry when one appreciates the good looks of a CARTOON character. One also ought to worry when one says 'one' a lot. Hmm.

Anita and Roger...

 Saturday evening was glorious and I loved being out with the dogs (although it was soooooooo cold. I mean, come on, it's meant to be Spring? Tut.)
3 Red Setters. Hmm, where's the 4th? It is important to pay attention when walking Red Setters. They run. Fast.

My smiley friend Rory.
Here is a picture that demonstrates why I will probably never do a 'What I Wore' post. Shortly after this picture was taken a friend actually CONFISCATED my jacket so that she could attempt to repair it. Turns out that in the pockets I had several (empty) syringes of horse tranquiliser, some sterile wound dressing, a hoof pick, and my old chequebook. Bet you've never read a sentence like THAT before? 
My wellies also have holes in. Sigh.
So that was my weekend and now it is Monday. And I'm supposed to be working (HA). Also, I really hate sentences that begin with 'And'. Oh dear.

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