Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Haar Haar...

After a week of beautiful weather, for which I am so very grateful, we have reverted to a more standard British spring/summer climate i.e. soft rain and a wee bit chilly.
The scourge of late spring and summer here is the haar, a dense sea-fog that coats everything with its ghostly, clammy mist, and leaves you shivering and pulling on an extra layer.
If you're having problems visualising, it looks a bit like this:
Oh. That's not the haar, that's a dementor scene from Harry Potter. 
Silly me.
Hey ho, the effect is the same - you feel the happiness and life slowly being sucked out of you as the chill creeps into your bones...
It's lucky I'm not prone to being dramatic.
A picture of what the haar actually looks like.
The inclement weather did not put me off going for a run, however yes, a medal would be nice. I realised I haven't really spoken much about running, but it's going well. 
Thanks for asking nobody has asked, but just in case you were wondering. 
I reached a personal best the other day (I honestly can't remember what it was, but it was impressive to me and DPB). 
Guess what? You'll never guess. Lance Armstrong congratulated me personally.
I know. It was pretty spectacular. If you get/ have the Nike + thingy, he will also congratulate you personally. Sadly, I don't think it's because I'm that special.

In other news, we've been getting some new shoes...
Well, when I say 'we' I mean Princess Polly and little F Sharp.
An interesting way to spend £100. Every six to eight weeks. I should have got a goldfish instead.
Here's a nice picture of F Sharp modelling her new shoes:
Despite what it looks like in this picture, Miss F does have 4 legs
(unlike Princess P who's doing her best to destroy each one of her limbs in turn).
Just in case you were worried.
All of this excitement before 8.30am. 
Yes, 8.30am. 
'Round here, if you have a good farrier and he tells you that he's coming to shoe your horses at 7.30am, you dang well better have your horses ready for 7.30am. 
FYI: Do not try and fit in a run beforehand and then get surprised by the farrier turning up early in his van, crawling at a snail's pace behind you because you are too busy running and listening to your awesome running mix on iTunes. Ok? With a sight like that (as in: me drenched with rain, in running gear and glasses. Seriously, glasses? in the rain? I'm a crazy kid) in front of him at 7.15, it is amazing lovely Mr Farrier did not turn right round and get the heck away. Miracle.

Hope you have a lovely, non-haar-y, non-rainy day!
Oooh, just remembered that it's champagne Wednesday. YESSSSSSSSS!


Gesci said...

Haha, this post had me cracking up! I love the asides- and I, too, think you deserve a medal, but then, I'm of the opinion that running should be reserved for times when I'm being chased by a dinosaur, so I might not be the appropriate audience. I'd not heard of haar- although now that I know what it is, I have experienced it. I feel like the name is suitably creepy. We've still got one day of summer weather, but I'm sure tomorrow will bring the white-cloud drizzle... such is GB weather.

Gabriele V. said...

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