Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On Celebrations

Well hello there!
For some reason I can't blog on a Monday. I don't know what it is, I just can't seem to do it (actually, I have problems doing anything on a Monday... but don't tell my prospective employers, ok?)

I'm putting together a post about my lovely weekend with DPB - it ROCKED, just in case you were wondering - but, y'know, I thought I'd post about something else today.

Like, how excited I am about the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Oh yes. 

I have to admit, I was a little slow to catch on to this one, but as the commemorative mugs, pencils, badges, teapots, t-shirts, tea towels, tea... (do you see where I'm going with this?) keep being stacked high in the shops, my excitement levels have risen.
In fact, last weekend I read an article that was a potted history of the Queen's 60-year reign and I nearly cried (could have been slightly hormone-induced? Just saying).

I'll try not to get sentimental and soppy here (says the girl who's just admitted sobbing over the Sunday colour supplements) but it's not often that I feel really proud and patriotic. But right now, this year, I do. Go Team G.B. (ok, I'm getting my Olympic excitement a little muddled with my Jubilee excitement. But hey ho.)

SO. We're planning a party. 
It's going to be SO COOL. 
I cannot WAIT to get on Pinterest and start pinning super-awesome, Jubilee-inspired ideas to the Jubilee board I haven't quite got round to creating.
It's going to be FUN. 

So, here's a mock-up for the invitation:
I'd like to lie to you and say that this was done by the Little Lobster (who's 7).
But it was actually drawn by me.
I'm sorry that you can't really see my rubbish attempt at drawing a trestle table.
It's pretty cool.
And here are a few ideas for the party:
I've also dug out my sewing machine, sew (HA! see what I did there? Yup, it's a laugh a minute 'round here...) my next project is to attempt something like this:
I may have to put the job hunt to one side for, what? the next bazillion years while I attempt to nail that one.

Right, off to Pinterest I go!

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Gesci said...

I just bought those cake-toppers and sent them in a box full of Jubilee paraphernalia back to the States! We have bunting hanging in our front window... I am totally Union-Jacking it up. I just blame it on my American-ness! I'm already plotting a trip down to Stoke to buy seconds in July, and I am hoping all the Jubilee stuff is there!! Yay for a party, I can't wait to see more posts!