Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On Transitions.

So, after yesterday's rather 'in media res' post, I thought I'd take a little check and introduce things more slowly. 
To put things at their most basic, my life is in transition. How could you guess? After several years' study I finished my Ph.D. at the end of last year (I know! I don't think I sound like an academic either!) and now I am looking to move on. Transition into something new. Or something like that. 
My lovely, wonderful, supportive boyfriend of many, many years (we met in the first week of university... I suspect you may hear quite a bit about him), moved to London 6 years ago (NO, it can't be that long ago?!) and has patiently waited for me to finish my studies. Now that I have, we're trying to figure out a way of getting our lives on track together - an interesting concept for two adults who've been figuring things out independently/ sort-of-together for the past AGE. 
Plus, I have a little baggage. Well, two not-so-little baggages and one very wee baggage: 
 Oh, and I live in Scotland. So, hmm, things are quite interesting. Any logistics/ employment/ life-change specialists out there who'd like to help?!

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