Friday, 25 May 2012

Last Weekend (featuring DPB)...

Two posts in a day.
How exhausting.
I thought I'd better get this one out before we head into this weekend.
So, last weekend was just soooo good.
Because DPB was here (and we got to go to the agricultural show after all).
I took A LOT of pictures.
We ate A LOT of nice food.
And I wished A LOT that the weekend would not end. (But it did. Bummer).

Want to see some pictures?
Go on, have a peek:
Arbroath Smokies, poached egg and spinach.
Breakfast at Urban Angel, Edinburgh
Meet DPB (on the left).
Yes, I got to go to the poultry tent. Sadly, Gesci, we missed the ferret racing.
I got too shy to take 'proper' pictures once in the poultry tent.
So here is a rubbish picture of a prize-winner.

Hands up who loves vintage tractors?
Oh, just me then.
DPB was most impressed that I recognised a vintage Massey Ferguson at 20 paces (not pictured here).
This girl's got skills.
Arbroath Smokies before being smoked.
Just 'Arbroaths' then?
Smokies being, er, smoked. 

If you look very, very closely, you'll see a bubble.
Trust me.
A VERY handsome chap.

The main reason I would like to have children is so that I can enter them and their ponies in fancy dress competitions.
True story.

'Twas still a bit muddy. 
Evening glass of champagne.
And it wasn't even Wednesday.
The kittens.
Scoop met DPB for the first time.
They liked each other.
DPB's a keeper.
That's me!
And a bin.


Gesci said...

Love the shout-out, but I am sad to miss pictures of the ferret race. The fancy-dress ponies help make up for it, though!

Life in Transition said...

Ah yes, the fancy dress is without a doubt the highlight of many country shows!
I didn't get good enough pictures of the local fruit farmer's youngest son & pony dressed as a GIANT strawberry, or Maid Marion and Robin Hood - Robin Hood was the girl's wee terrier, dressed in a waxed coat and hat, with a bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to his back. It was GENIUS!