Friday, 25 May 2012

High Five For Friday!

Lauren over at From My Grey Desk hosts a weekly High Five For Friday! link-up series, so here're my 5 for this Friday:

1/ It's so hot and sunny here (hurrah, hurrah, do a little dance!!) that Polly has to wear a full face mask and sun cream. 
Yeah, my horse wears sun cream (factor 50 baby cream, to be precise. She's very sensitive).

Princess Whom?
2/ Continuing on the hot and sunny theme, we finally cracked out the outdoor washing line. 
I know, big deal.
But really, who doesn't love getting into  amazing, line-dried, fresh-smelling sheets at the end of a summer's  day? (I'm getting a little carried away with the whole double-figures-temperature, ok?).
Oh, and the Little Lobster's wee friend had a bath, too. 
Good to see he's still smiling.

3/ I got given a TON of rhubarb (almost a ton...) and this afternoon we made rhubarb and ginger compote AND rhubarb chutney. YUM. (Job applications will be done at the weekend... it's too sunny to do them today...)

4/ Latest piece of inspiration that I keep on my desk (is it bad that it REALLY bugs me that there isn't a question mark at the end of it, though? Might draw one on. Hmm).
Sorry for poor picture quality.
Blame Instagram.
5/ This little man is getting BIG! Although, interestingly (or not, depending on whether he's your cat or not), he is still much smaller than his siblings. 
He reminds me of an ewok.
... So, my week's excitement is pretty much summed up in pictures of my kitten, my horse, a badly-edited miniature sign, some rhubarb, and some washing.

Just keeping it real, y'know.


Gesci said...

I find it both adorable and hilarious that your horse wears sun screen/cream! I once asked our vet (also my boss) if Sloan (the white dog) needed to wear sunscreen, since dogs can get melanoma. She laughed at me... but did admit that some super-shorthaired dogs should. Guess my girl's one-inch hair is long enough! Your week sounds fantastic- pets, food, fresh wash- WIN!

Life in Transition said...

You should see Poll's 'proper' summer uniform, complete with UV boots and visor. Some people may say she's pampered. I say 'be safe under the sun' ;-)

Pamela said...

I am a new follower - hope you will drop by and do the same.
I actually have 2 blogs - and