Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wedding Bells

No, silly, not for me. [Clears throat nervously.]

Not only do I have the excitement of DPB's visit this weekend (WHAT twice in a month?! INCONCEIVABLE. I love The Princess Bride, by the way) and you already know how much I'm looking forward to the Jubilee shenanigans (oooh, good word), but we're also going to be celebrating the wedding of two friends from our university days. 

DPB and I went to a university that is famous for the fact that so many of its alumni get married. 
You may or may not have seen pictures of this couple before:
We're kind of like these guys. Except not married.
Or royal. 
And DPB has more hair than Wills. 
And I'm blonde. And didn't do Art History. 
Erm, so not really like them at all
Although D I does have a very cool grandmother...
In fact, I distinctly remember that it was mentioned in our graduation address that a high proportion of students marries one another (oh DPB, I can almost feel you squirming in discomfort, even though you're 500 miles away... sorry, my love). Cue lots of awkward laughter.

Anyway, this weekend our lovely friends will become the latest couple in our alma mater's match-making history. Congrats, guys! We love you both!


They are probably a little bit excited too. 

It's going to be a mixture of this:
with a lot of this:
There will be morning suits (DPB). There will be high heels (also DPB. HA! Only joking.) 
There will be hats (actually, not true. I am going to be wearing what is known in the business as 'a substantial fascinator'. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.) 
There will be LOTS of awesome dance moves (East Lothian, are you ready?). 

There will also be lots of  champagne. Which will be tricky, because you know how much I hate the stuff...

There will also  hope be a ceilidh (you'll find it in the dictionary under 'the best fun you can have in Scotland').

I guarantee that I will be laughing my arse off pretty much all the time

Dear goodness, I can't wait. 
Only 2 job applications, 1 editing job, a review, 1 research proposal, and a conference to get through (in TWO days... eeps!) before I can kick back and enjoy the festivities.
Can't remember where I found this. 
 If it's your picture, let me know and I'll give you credit.


Gesci said...

I need to see pictures of a 'substantial fascinator." The haberdashery of Britain fascinates me...
Have a great weekend, and I hope all the festivities are full of BUNTING!

Anonymous said...

My neighbours have just put up bunting and hoisted the Union Jack, I am beyond excited! Oh ceilidhs terrify me, I always decline an invite to "jigging that gives you the boke" as one of my friends refers to it.