Friday, 18 May 2012

On Rain

At the last count, it has been raining for 30,000,001 days. Approximately. 

This is extremely annoying and makes me want to stay here all day:
Pretty much what my bedroom looks like.
Except for the palm tree.
Why did they put a palm tree in the bedroom?

Sadly, this would be impractical. 

Yet I am still tempted.

It would also have been nice to stay in bed yesterday. I would probably have had a more productive day than I did, yesterday's low point coming somewhere between dealing with a 4-year old's tantrum because SQUARE crisps do not taste as nice as ROUND crisps - ok? - and realising that neurotic horse - who has just come back into work after 7 months' break - had injured both back legs. I suppose that makes a difference to re-injuring the front legs that have taken 7 months to heal.

Ho hum. 

On a much happier note, DPB is coming to visit this weekend. 
I was going to take him to the local agricultural show (er, yes, this girl knows how to show her fella a good time. Ahem). Sadly, because of the rain, this will not happen. DPB is very sad to be missing out on seeing the poultry tent and the ferret racing (2 of my favourites). He loves things like that. COUGH.
Instead, we will probably be doing something like this:

Which doesn't look too bad, does it? Just need to find my red ball gown. And elbow-length gloves. (We've got the butler and the maid already. It's pretty much like being in Downton Abbey 'round here).

Have a lovely weekend!

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Gesci said...

Ferret racing?!? I went all the way to Ireland for a Donkey Derby... I'd drive up to Scotland for ferret racing! Have a great weekend!